Example of the design of a PCB

  1. CAD design of the PCB

PCB Layout Example

  1. PCB once manufactured and assembled

PCB Physical Example



Areas of expertise related to Electronic Design

Electrosoft Engineering Lab Bench. Custom Electronic Design Services.

Our team has experience in the following fields of Electronic Engineering:

Areas of expertise


  1. Telephony
  2. Embedded Networking
  3. GPS technology
  4. GSM and GPRS technology

Automatic Control

  1. Monitoring Systems
  2. Remote sensing and actuation systems
  3. Wireless sensor networks

Embedded Systems

  1. Microcontrollers
  2. DSPs
  3. Embedded systems connected to internet

PCB design

  1. Multilayer printed circuit board design
  2. High speed PCB, Signal Integrity and EMC
  3. PCB manufacture up to 10 layers
  4. PCB assembly

Remote Sensing and Actuation

  1. Access controls
  2. Remote monitoring
  3. Remote actuation
  4. Radio frequency identification

Programming Languages

  1. C
  2. MS Visual Basic
  3. MS Visual C#
  4. Java
  5. Assembler x86
  6. Assembler MSP430
  7. HTML
  8. PHP
  9. JavaScript

Personal Computer Hardware

  1. PCI Devices
  2. USB Devices

Data Bases

  1. MS Excel Programming
  2. MS Access Programming
  3. MySQL data bases

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