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Innovative project ideas for investors related to Electronics and Technology


Electrosoft Engineering is a company formed by electronic engineers with very high capabilities regarding innovation and creativity, which you can appreciate in the project list shown below.

With the huge rate of change that technology has today, virtually every day new products are launched to a global highly competitive market. So when a new innovative concept of a product is defined, is required to accelerate its design and implementation, so the arrival to the market will be in the proper moment and not too late.

For accelerating the processes of design and implementation, it is required to have more financial resources which will help to improve human and material resources so to make possible to carry out the project in less time.

For the foregoing reasons, we have decided to show our projects with the idea of inviting investors who are interested to join us in the development of these business ideas.

We are conscious that the decision of making public some projects of our portfolio involves certain risks, however most of our projects are protected with industrial and intellectual property rights.

If you are an investor and would like to receive more information, you are welcome to contact us. You can do it by simply sending a message using this contact form, or if you wish you can email us to investments[AT]electrosoft-engineering.com (please remove the "[AT]" and change it to "@", this is for avoiding spam robots)

List of some of our projects

1.- Non-conventional low cost Wind Powered Generator (10 to 100 KVA)

The agriculture industry has the necessity of applying technology to the exploitation of land resources in rural properties, and especially the ones that export their products. This fact leads to the necessity of counting with electrical power in those rural properties which its installation and monthly fees are very expensive. One of the elements that consume most power is the need of moving water from its source to the trees; where in some cases (i.e. avocados) they require huge amounts of water per day. Chile is within the 5 biggest producers of avocado in the world.

In Chile, for supplying electrical power to these properties is required to install very long power lines, which are very expensive for the majority of farmers. The most interesting option for materializing this project is to create an electrical company based on wind power generators, where the generator is installed individually for each customer.

The principal idea is to install a wind powered generator inside the customer's rural property with the purpose of avoiding the expensive fees for installing the power lines.

The key of our generator is its turbine due to its extremely low cost of manufacture, light weight and easy to install in comparison with the ones that are currently in the market and with the ones that wind power electrical companies currently use.

2.- Spatial Coordinates Digitizer

The product is a portable instrument that allows the user to capture with the simple click of a button the spatial coordinates (x,y,z) of a point, hence it is possible to capture multiple points to obtain a constellation in space that corresponds to the digitization of the tridimensional object. The points that will be captured can be within hands reach (near points) or at distances of approximately less than 100 meters from the instrument (distant points). For near points, the instrument provides a physical pointer and for the distant ones a laser pointer. All the captured coordinates are referred to an origin defined by the user. The constellation of captured points can be processed inside the instrument or in a PC computer with the aid of CAD/CAM tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc for generation of information about complex tridimensional figures such as: calculus of volumes and areas, geometrical centers, curve interpolation, arc lengths, etc.

This instrument is not based on GPS technology, which will allow the equipment to work inside buildings or in very dense building areas where GPS technology does not work. Also the accuracy of the GPS technology is not appropriate for this type of instrument. The Spatial Coordinates Digitizer highly exceeds the actual instruments that require optical visibility between two points such as, the total station. Our instrument doesn't require optical visibility with the origin of reference; hence it is very useful for measurements where multiple obstacles are present.

It can be really useful in military logistics, underground mining, civil engineering, etc.Some of its applications could be:

For example in the mining sector and especially in the underground mines it is very important to have a tridimensional cartographic map which describes the internal corridors inside them. An example that shows the importance of this requirement is the accident that happened recently inside the San Jose mine located in the city of Copiapo in Chile, where because of a mine collapse, 33 miners were trapped inside. The non existence of accurate of 3D maps has produced an important delay in achieving the probe to intercept the corridors where the miners were located. If there existed a device like the one like described above and if it were used in this mine, the company that is the owner of it would have a very detailed and accurate 3d map of the place which could be obtained in a very short period of time. For the case of corridors or tunnels inside the mines an optional device could be attached to the spatial coordinates digitizer that allows it to perform an automatic 360 degree sweep for capturing all the coordinates for every point that exists in a geometric place that is tangent to the tunnel’s inner surface. This device in combination with the spatial coordinates digitizer makes possible to capture the tunnel’s inner contour while advancing through it.

Strengths and Opportunities:



3.- TV AD suppressor

How many times have you been interrupted from watching your favorite TV program because of TV ads? Probably thousands of times!! And this can be very irritating in some cases depending on its periodicity.

It’s very common nowadays in several countries that the frequency of TV ads is very high in cable TV as in open TV. Even in some cases the time destined to ads is superior to the program's total time which means that the spectator has to experience several unpleasant waits before taking up again the idea of the TV program.

That's why we invented the idea of a product called the "TV AD Suppressor".

The product consists of a module that has to be installed between the antenna/cable and the TV, which through the remote control; it allows to be operated with the purpose of activating the AD suppression. The program once it’s free from ad content is watched with an amount of delay with respect to the original broadcast.

To determine what is advertising and what is program can be defined through 2 options:

a) Manual:

The user defines, with the use of the remote control, when the TV AD begins and when it ends. So when the advertisement is broadcasted again, it will be automatically suppressed by the module leaving the program completely free of unwanted advertisements. The program is delayed with respect to the original broadcast.

b) Automatic:

The user doesn't need to decide whether he is watching the program or the advertising, but only to activate the automatic suppression.
The module connected via GPRS is permanently updating the characteristic vectors that define the sound and images of TV ADS that allows the unit to suppress unwanted commercial content.

The current development stage for this project requires more engineers and resources for its implementation.

More projects for investors coming soon!!

If you have any question, please don't hesitate in contacting us by either the contanct link below or the email posted at the top of this page.

Thank you very much for reading.

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